Help the team to find errors

Our Bosch transmission control unit developer team has to deliver a new software version but in the test log, some errors were found. Please help the team to find them before the deadline!

Almost all electrical control unit provides diagnostic communication services, which enables the workshops to access different values like the content of the fault buffer and functions like flashing a new software. The Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) is one of the most common diagnostic communication protocols.

Based on the UDS protocol our customer has defined the required functionality (both documents are attached) which the software has to comply with.

As the communication log is quite big, the manual evaluation is not an option, therefore a faster solution shall be find.

The format of the log file:

Time Stamp [s] CAN Channel CAN ID (hexadecimal) Tx*/Rx** DLC Data (hexadecimal)
32.225200 1 623 Rx d 8 02 10 01 AA AA AA AA

*) Tx = Message sent

**) Rx = Message received

Your tasks are:

  • Read and understand the syntax of the UDS protocol
  • Read and understand the customer specification
  • Create a solution that can read and parse the log file
  • Create rules to find different errors (timing, format…)

You can find useful docs here:

  • UDS specification: link
  • Customer specification: link
  • UDS Test Log (.asc format): link
  • Error check list: link
Transmission ECU UDS Parsing


  • Find 10 errors
  • 2 points
  • Find all remaining errors
  • 4 points
  • Filtering options to be able to find different kind of errors
  • 2 points
  • Visualization of the found errors within the log file
  • 2 points


To submit your solution, please find the mentors of Bosch.