Fox detector

Create an image classifier to be able to decide if there is a wolf or a fox on the given picture.

Your task is to scrape as many images (which contains a fox or a wolf) as you can to provide sample data for your classifier. Use the collected images to train your model. Based on that model you should be able to make a decision if there is a fox or a wolf on the provided picture.

Create a full-stack web application where the user can upload an image, the frontend sends it to the backend and displays the result based on the backend's response which should use the trained classifier.

green fox wolf


  • The pictures(what were used as the training data) are scraped from the internet
  • 1 point
  • A trained classifier which is able to make a decision
  • 5 point
    The backend which has two endpoints:
      • `/` should provide the frontend where the user can upload a picture it should send the picture to
      • `/classify` and provide the result based on the response from the backend
        3 point
      • The frontend should be responsive and well designed
      • 1 point


      When you are ready please find the mentor of Green Fox Academy.

      They will give you a sample picture, you have to use that to present your solution.