Write your Messenger bot who helps bring the useful and fun part of the competition!

Your chatbot should be able to:
  • Countdown to the end time of the contest
    • Set a deadline given by users
    • Return the remaining time
    • Remind frequently how much time is left (users can set this function manually)
  • Scoreboard
    • Return the name and the score of the team currently ranking first place
    • You can request the current ranking of teams from our public api endpoint: GET
  • Mood-inator
    • If users tell the bot they are bored (sad, worried…), and type any keyword it should get back a funny gif using GIPHY
During the implementation, you should pay attention to the following:
  • Bot should make conversations between user, so be user-friendly
    • They have to be well informed about the features of the bot
    • Users always should know about which keyword they have to write to give back the desired function
  • GIPHY gif should be displayed as a gif (not only a link)
  • The bot can be used by more users at the same time, so they should be able to set different deadlines
What makes your team cooler than the others:
  • Fancy messenger template solutions (buttons, lists.. )
  • Your bot is not afraid of getting messages in a different format than it can process (e.g. wrong deadline time format)
bot functions service


  • Prepeparation: Facebook page, hosting, API
  • 1 point
  • Timer
  • 1 point
  • Reminder
  • 2 points
  • Scoreboard
  • 1 point
  • Mood-inator
  • 2 points
  • Aesthetics
  • 3 points


Show the working messenger bot to the mentor of Epam.