“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
- Victor Hugo

A network of greedy institutions has ruled over Cash Land for almost a thousand years. Many tried to abandon it by building vessels on their own, but several have failed in the works. It is common knowledge that One, an exceptional visionary, had the theoretical and practical understanding of craftsmanship what it takes to build a vessel that can endure the rough waters. One proposed a design that - maybe even unknowingly to One - has made an unprecedented change possible. The opposition was imminent.

At this point, Captain One decided to explore the uncharted waters and search for a new block of land, far away from the misery. Fortunately, there were many undiscovered sectors in the ocean of deep. Carving the One name to a little Bit of new land in the wide horizon was a vast relief to numerous new explorers, too. "Yes, yes!" - they looked around. "This is the zeroth-day of our thriving. We'll be happy here." Thereby the ex0dus began.

Captain of Chaos, your objective is to obtain the knowledge what makes you worthy to open the vault of One's land. Along with your journey, you might come across others in pursuit, be the first, and you get a special prize. If you find the bonus treasure somewhere in the meantime, claim it. There is a wise man in the back of your vessel (calls himself by the name of Immánuel Fodor), and he can help you with 4 clues to solve the mystery.


  • thepromisedland.jpg https://fodor.it/thepromisedland-jpg
  • thepromisedland.kdbx https://fodor.it/thepromisedland-kdbx

  • cashland trasure hunt


    • Opening the KeePass file
    • 10 points
    • If you’re the first to complete the challenge written in the KeePass file
    • Special Prize
    • Each clue costs you -2 points. At least 15 minutes have to pass between obtaining two clues
    • The bonus treasure is worth +1 point. It counts as 1 point in the competition on the public scoreboard even if your relative points are currently below 0 by using a/some clues beforehand
    • Points below 0 or above 10 are not registered on the public scoreboard


    You should show the steps how you obtained the password to the KeePass file, or what proof do you have if you think you’re eligible for the special prize, or how you found the bonus treasure. Immánuel is interested in what commands, scripts, programs, tools, and so on you’ve used along the journey and what was your way of thinking.