Design Spree

It is that time of year again. Getting ready for the annual Design Spree takes months to prepare, even for radiant talents: with the intensity of such a competition, where millions of young and promising engineers try to prove themselves to the world, no one would ever think about attending unprepared.

This (imaginary) developer competition is not just unique in its scale, but in its method of ranking and scoring. Every participant must complete through our well-known characteristic smart web platform, where apart from going through the most advanced challenges, the platform logs and ships for analytics postprocessing, every little movement and interaction of each competitor, while they are solving specific challenges. Based on the insights, the platform automatically scores competitors, keeping a live scoreboard updated. The user experience is the following for every participant: after signing in with a google account to the web app, the competitors can only see the challenges related to the special expertise they have, and they can only work on them in the predefined time intervals (different for each), once the event started. Your task is to design an architecture for this platform, based on the bullet points in the Criteria section, keeping in mind the scale of concurrent users: 5-10 million. Note, that you don’t have to go into much details about the method of scaling your underlying infrastructure (e.g. number of serving nodes), but instead simply try to elaborate why your specific architecture elements are open to scaling. You have to create a comprehensible architecture chart, and prepare to present it in a captivating and insightful way.

architecture design


    Max. 10 points
  • Microservices perspective
  • Authentication / authorization
  • Scalability
  • Interaction logs pipeline considerations
  • Security


When you are ready, please send your team name to the public Slack channel #techembassy. In the meantime if you have any questions about the (intentionally not too detailed) description, please find us at the Tech Embassy molino!

You will present your solution at a whiteboard to a couple of technology mentors representing different Tech Embassy partner companies. Note, that the number of points you get will be the arithmetic mean of each observing mentor’s point recommendation. Come prepared because you can only submit this challenge once!