So many presentations

Last week we had an impressive conversation with Bob, a friend of ours, who works at a university as a lecturer. In recent years he and his team have put lot of effort into creating a data bank of study resource material. As a consequence they have more than 1000 slides in total today.

Despite the fact that they own that many high-quality presentations, it takes plenty of time to manage and maintain them. To be able to give you some insights into the challenges they face, we have collected some examples Bob mentioned.

Their courses are not completely different. As a result, there are several courses that have modules in common. They are usually presented in the same way throughout each individual subjects but sometimes they are adapted with some slight changes in some or two course variants (as participants come from differelnt fields of study, different case studies fit their interests). You can imagine how hard it is to maintain these replicated slides… One tiny typo on one of these slides requires someone to find and modify several presentations.

Moreover, tracking the changes throughout the years is a great challenge. If something is changed in the structure of a subject, it is extremely hard to check if any logical dependency is broken (especially in Maths subjects, where the order of the theorems really matter). In addition, they need to stay consistent with the examination and must ask a question at the exam only if the topic it concerns was really covered during the semester.

When it comes to working with colleagues on the same slide set, it is a huge source of trouble. They usually mix reviewed and finalized versions with those that are under development. Similarly, they experienced some difficulties that were caused by concurrent work.

Learning from the problems they run into, please design a great architecture with your team that would better suit Bob’s team’s needs. Please plan it in a maintainable and flexible way so that future ideas can be easily brought in. Think about the technical solutions you would apply.

architecture design version controling


  • Modularization
  • 3 points
  • Flexibility
  • 3 points
  • Usability
  • 2 points
  • Version controling
  • 1 point
  • Explanation
  • 1 point


To present your ideas, please find the mentors of Tech Embassy. You can use the whiteboard to illustrate your solution.