Where should I refuel?

Our HR team is going on a trip to visit all our new colleagues. As they are very price conscious they would like to stop at the gas station where gas is the cheapest. As they would not like to make a detour the team is only interested in gas stations that are at most 3 kilometers away from the route that they are taking. They only have to fill up the tank once and for the purposes of this exercise we will assume that they could make the trip without refueling (if they wanted to).

Create a solution with which you can collect relevant data (selected route, positions of gas stations along selected route + prices) from the Internet extract it with a program, validate the locations and prices and find the cheapest gas station on the route. Load the data into a DB of your choice and list the 3 cheapest options. The car runs on gas (not diesel).

The full solution should be programmed. It can be tested by adding one more station to the list. The additional station will be in Budapest as well. Partial solutions are also accepted.


The route is the following:

  • Starting point: United Consult Kft., Budapest, Bogdánfy u. 6, 1117
  • Mid station#1: Telenor Magyarország Zrt., Törökbálint, Pannon út 1, 2045
  • Mid station#2:Vodafone Hungary Zrt., Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 6, 1096
  • Mid station#3:K&H, Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9, 1095
  • Mid station#4: GE Healthcare, Budapest, Madarász Viktor u. 6, 1138
  • Destination point: Budapest Bank - Váci Greens, Budapest, Váci út 117, 1138

You can choose any route through these points. For example: The route: https://goo.gl/maps/HREE37yc7xP2


Any kind of output is acceptable, but those which have good visualization will get a reward. During the presentation not only the output but the selected methods for different subtasks (how to gather data from the Internet, how to validate data, how to consolidate and how to load to a DB and select the top 3) will be checked.

web scraping visualization


  • Accuracy
  • Code quality
  • Visualization


To submit your solution please contact the mentors of United Consult.