Three (not so) fictional Scrum team is working on a (not so) fictional project somewhere in Europe...

Each team has 2 testers, 2 back-end and 2 front-end developers, a scrum master, and a product owner.

Many of these people come from different countries, and some of them can cook.

The two Hungarian back-end developers from Team3 decided that they would want to host cooking evenings when someone cooks something that is common for his nationality, so the other attendees of the party can taste and experience international cuisine.

Peter and Balint both have a suitable flat that can be used as a hosting location, but up to a limit of 10-12 people maximum.

Since both of them can cook, both are Hungarian, and they think that "Meat has four legs", so they need another cook to be able to taste something new.

Since none of them likes to clean up after the event, they decided to host on a round-robin basis.

They want to host parties on a regular basis, normally every two weeks, but sometimes they need to go on vacation as well.

One evening only two cooks can work together, and they can cook up to two courses together.

When they invite someone from another team, then another team member has to also be invited from that team, otherwise, they might reject the invitation.

Once you invited someone, they expect that you will invite them again sometime soon.

Besides the two hosts, Olcay from Team1 can cook Turkish food, but he does not eat pork, Markó from Team3 can cook Italian style,

Oliver also from Team3 is from Austria and he is Vegan, Julian from Team2 can cook German style.

Jörg from Team2 claims that he can cook, but nobody saw him doing so, nevertheless he often gets himself invited.

Arif from Team3 also does not eat pork, and he never takes any alcohol home with him. Christoph has already left the project, but if he is invited, his girlfriend from Team1 also has to be invited and vice versa.

Both kitchens are equipped, but there are not enough kitchen equipment (pots, pans, etc.) so someone has to bring additional ones.
The goal of the assignment is to create a program, that can schedule the cooking sessions, propose attendees, and define who should be the cook(s) so that the hosts can experience as much international cuisine as possible until the end of the year.

You may freely choose the programming language and the development environment.

The input and output formats are not defined, you may work with your preferred format (config classes, cucumber, XML config, text files etc.), but they should be human-readable enough to understand.

social engineering


  • code quality
  • originality/creativity
  • usability
  • scope handling
  • communication
  • bringing us beer


The evaluation of the solutions will be done by the Accenture team, feel free to visit us if you would like to talk...