Major VoLTE business extension

We are preparing for a 100M VoLTE network capacity extension in Asia. Our customer wants to know how its cloud network elements behave.

For this reason some network traffic was captured for a short period. Your task is to analyse the capture: recognize all peers involved in network communication and analyse their network behavior, main attribute is latency statistics on TCP level. The statistics shall include average and deviation from the average, peer-by-peer. You will receive two different traces from the center of the network.

network data analytics


  • list the peers and interconnections:
  • 2 points
  • for each communicating peers: calculate latency average
  • 3 points
  • for each communicating peers: calculate latency deviation
  • 3 points
  • proper implications made based on statistics:
  • 2 points


No restriction on tool usage, any kind of scripts can be created or existing tools can be used. We expect to see a list of peers (with IP address) communicating in the network and the interworking between them (who is talking to who), visualization is irrelevant. Attached to this, we would like to see the average latency/deviation between all peers that communicate with each other.

Finally we would like to see the implication that there are certain peers, that are problematic, these should be highlighted.