Pokedex application

As a new startup, we want to create the best ever pokedex application.

We already have investors and customers for our idea, but we have to show them an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

After a few meetings with them, we could agree on the MVP's requirements.

The requested features:

  • The app should be able to get Pokemons from the public poke api (https://pokeapi.co/)
  • The app should be able to show the Pokemons as a list (with their corresponding pictures)
  • Clicking on a Pokemon should show the details of the selected Pokemon (can be a new page, or just use a section of the overview page)
  • The user should be able to add Pokemons into their favourites. This should be indicated on the list (for example with a small star), or there could be another list of favourite Pokemons.

This project will be an enterprise level application in the future, so we as the developers would also like to see the source base as great start, so you can get extra points for:

  • Clean code: the source should follow standard conventions ( naming for example ), keep the functions short, think about single responsibility of everything, reduce complexity as much as possible, create reusable code.
  • Using a version control system (Git for example) with a readable, clean history
  • Nice, responsive design which looks good also on mobile.
  • Awesome animations
mvp api design


  • Requested features:
  • 6 points
  • Non functional features:
  • 4 points


You should show the working application for the devs. We will check the business requirements as product owners.