Visualize battles from the past centuries

Our friend, Alice, is preparing to take an exam in History. She has a list of battles from several ages and countries, that she must learn. It would be nice if she could see all these battles on a single map. Can you help her?

Alice sent us the list of the events she has to learn. Name of battles, dates, locations and detailed descriptions are also included. Your task is to plot these events on a world map. She wants to display events only in specific time intervals, so please plan your solution with respect to her request. When Alice clicks on a marker, she wants to see all the details of the selected event.

She didn’t say anything about the technical details, her only wish was that the visualization should look good on mobiles (no matter if it is Android or iOS).


visualization mobile


  • Browsable map with at least one marker
  • 1 point
  • Map with all the markers
  • 1 point
  • Details on click (including name of the event, date and description)
  • 2 point
  • Graphical input for time range selection
  • 1 point
  • Time range filter works
  • 3 point
  • Looks great on mobile
  • 2 point


When you are ready please find the mentor of Tech Embassy. You have to present your solution using a physical device or a simulator.