Qualification Round

This round has one purpose to check are you dedicated enough to challenge yourself later in the live competition. The online task is totally solvable for anybody who has the ambition and the will to solve it. So take some passion and start the work. The first limited number of participants who successfully finished the online round will win the right to take apart in the live round.


21st of September

Difficulty level

approx. 20 minutes to finish


There is no scoring, your solution is either "go" or "no go". Plus points for having cool stickers on your laptop.




The organizers of ChaosStack decided to ride out the IoT wave by creating their own Smart Light system. The project lets its users control their lights by commands intelligently. A crucial part of the software, the command dispatching module is still missing though!

Technical details

Users can control the lights with convenient commands in rooms that belong to them. Your task is to create a program that wires together the Smart Light APIs. Your program will have to call the set lights REST API in response to the user commands wishing to change lights.

In order to get points you have to:

  1. Parse the user mapping database JSON (who owns which lights)
  2. Acquire a set of user commands from the API (eg. to turn on the lights in Alice’s living room)
  3. Call the API for every user command, telling it which light’s to manipulate and how