Chaosstack is open for all beginner and junior level IT professionals, who feel like putting their knowledge gained during their studies or work to the test. We await the application of 3 member teams, interested in different areas of technology. You must have a full team to register. To find your missing team members, we encourage you to get in touch with each other on the event’s Facebook page.

The Challenge

During the competition you will face challenges which test your knowledge about the latest technologies and platforms. You don’t need to know each and every one of them, but you should consider competing with a team covering a wide range of specializations.

This competition is something more than simply coding an algorithm. You will also need to use a lot of soft skills and problem solving abilities to be the champion of this tournament.

12 development challenges. Every challenge worth 10 points and the team that collects the most points will be the winner, it sounds simple isn’t it? You don’t have to solve all of them, just as many as you can. The representatives of the companies will personally listen to your presentations about the solution, and all teams can get real time feedback about every solved challenge.


500.000 HUF

First place: 300.000 HUF

Second place: 150.000 HUF

Third place: 60.000 HUF